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  Palanga Children’s Rehabilitation Sanatorium “Palangos Gintaras” is located in the southern part of Palanga Town, at the astonishing Baltic seaside.

    Palanga, as a summer resort, known since the early 18th century. As early as 1830, the press about people coming to Palanga for medical treatment from Vilnius Region, Poland, Belarus and other places. From old days, Palanga is famous for its magnificent park, Count Tiškevičius Palace, where in 1963 was established the Amber Museum.

Today’s Palanga is one of the most popular and famous Lithuanian resorts, offering both rest and medical treatment, health improvement.

Count Tiškevičius Palace

   Natural resources — sunbathes, iodine-laden air and fresh scents of the pine-woods, sea, sandy beaches, beneficial combination of positive and negative ions, treatment administered in the rehabilitation sanatorium tone, harden the body, and raise body’s with resistance to illness, normalise child’s psychophysical processes, metabolism, help to restore child’s lost strength, prevent disability, or reduce its possibility. Children disability and their parents or family members accompanying them will find our sanatorium a perfect place for medical treatment, meeting friends of the same fate, for adaptation, and starting reintegration of a young patient with disability into society.

Botanical Park

  In 1990, the rehabilitation sanatorium was an unknown recently-established Children’s Health Centre, accepting for treatment several hundred young patients per year. Currently, “Palangos Gintaras” is a widely known children’s rehabilitation sanatorium administering successful medical treatment, having medical and material base, with the staff of over 200 people. The sanatorium employs physical medicine and rehabilitation doctors, paediatricians, children’s psychiatrists, reflex therapists, kinezitherapists, ergo-therapists, social workers, special pedagogy specialist-speech therapy specialists, psychologists, dentist, children’s nurses, and other staff. If needed, patients are consulted by otorhinolaryngologists, surgeon, and other specialists.

The Sanatorium consists of an integral complex of buildings interconnected by heated corridors. Patients are accommodated in double rooms with all facilities. There are rest rooms with TV, various table games. School-age children attend a school near the Sanatorium.


Sun and sea baths

Pinewood neighbourhood